We are working on two monumental projects at present. The first is focused on having a positive impact on unemployment, and the second is a Food Bank which is designed to provide assistance to suburban families and individuals in need...

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Operatives Needed

A unique opportunity for experienced persons (Operatives) from various industries to join our team - ideal for a person who wishes to gain additional experience in a field, or for a retired person who wants to invest expertise...

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Apprentices Needed

Apprentices from many industries to join our unique Skills Development Programme which is built on the concept of Experience Based Education - ideal for school leavers, University/College/Technikon graduates, as well as young professionals...

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Become A Member Of The United World Nation Network

Be a part of the #GETPeaceProject by becoming a member of the United World Nation (UWN) Network.

" The mission of the UWN is to develop sustainable solutions for issues in societies that cause tension and conflict, uniting people and building a better and safer world.

Enjoy the following benefits when you are a UWN member:

  • Attend interesting and informative talks and events.
  • Be the first to watch project documentary films.
  • Support powerful important causes.
  • Promote the spirit of the #GETPeaceProject.
  • Opportunities to become actively involved in projects.
  • Join the UWN Human Capacity Development Programme to stimulate your personal evolution.
  • Your own Food Bank account is opened.

Back The #GETPeaceProject

Buy your Food Bank Seed Hamper and Bougeoir to be a part of the fueling of the #GETPeaceProject.