Volunteer Apprentices Needed

The UWN and #GETPeaceProject offers a unique opportunity for persons (apprentices) from many industries to join our unique Skills Development Programme (SDC) which is built on the concept of Experience Based Education - ideal for school leavers, University/College/Technikon graduates, as well as young professionals.

This is a volunteer position and involvement is required for a season at a time.

At present we are recruiting Volunteer Apprentices for Season 1 which commences on 29 January 2018 and ends on 26 April 2018.

Our team is the perfect place to gain experience in a real working environment to prepare you to enter the world as freelancer, even start your career as permanent member of our team, or be offered employment by one of our clients!

Joining us means that you become part of our operations, production or creative team as an Apprentice. You work on the following projects to apply your skills and to learn new skills under your mentor/coach:

  • Regular production of video and other content.
  • Photo & video editing.
  • Studio and location photo shoots.
  • Social Media marketing and content creation.
  • Short documentary films.
  • Activities of the #GETPeaceProject which includes project management, marketing, social media campaigns, PR, HR and more.

Joining as an apprentice is the perfect opportunity and environment to build the networks, portfolio and partnerships that could help shape the rest of your professional life and career.

Season 1

The activities during Season 1 will focus mainly on all aspects relating to:

More About Season 1


The SDC offers a general 3 month Experience Based Education programme, which means that you will be working on the in-house projects. Season 1 focus will primarily be to focus our skills (filmmaking, photography, social media campaigning, project management, etc) on the Food Bank and Plastic Recovery & Re-Production #GETPeaceProject.

If you are accepted into the programme, an Apprentice needs to pay the following to enroll for Season 1:

  • A once-off development levy of R12000 settled in one payment (or, R5000 on enrollment and 3 three payments of R3350).
    • This includes a certificate of completion and letter of recommendation applicable to the area(s) in which you functioned.
  • Payment of your annual UWN Membership Fee of R2739 (this includes your 12 month membership and UWN ID Card).


We are at present recruiting for Season 1 which commences on 29 January 2018 and ends on 26 April 2018

We Needed ...

  • Photographers, Film Makers
  • Animators, Illustrators, Graphic Designers
  • Voice Over Artists
  • Video Editors, Photo Editors
  • Sound Engineers
  • Make-up & SFX Make-up Artists
  • Anchors & Presenters
  • Script Writers, Journalists
  • App Developers, Web Developers
  • Project Co-ordinators
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Junior Brand Managers, Marketers, Sales Administrators
  • Legal Advisers, Bookkeepers
  • Medical Professionals, Anthropologists, Scientists, Academics, Researchers, Human Resources, Public Relations
  • ... and more
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Back The Project

If you are unable to become involved as a volunteer but would like to support our mission, contribute to our Crowdfunding Campaign. By making a small contribution to our Plastic Recovery & Re-Production initiative, you can be part of the fueling of this monumental project.