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Documentary Film / Holocaust Survivor Story

"Veronica Phillips The Secret Survivor"

Veronica Phillips (91 year old living in Johannesburg, South Africa) is a Hungarian Jew who was deported on 1 December 1944 from Budapest to Ravensbrük (a Nazi concentration camp for women) where she nearly ended up in the gas chambers.

Documentary Film Series / Current Affairs


Imagine being born invisible. You are alive but can’t prove you exist. You are sure you are human, but have no human rights. Today, more than 10 million people across the world are told they don’t belong anywhere. These people are called stateless. They often aren’t allowed to go to school, see a doctor, get a job, open a bank account, buy a house or even get married. Over a third of the world’s stateless are children.

Documentary Film / Survivor Story

"Mordechai Perlov - I Survived Stalin During WWII"

Mordechai Perlov (91 year old living in Johannesburg, South Africa) is a Lithuanian Jew who was deported in June 1941 from Raisen, Lithuania, to Kotlas, Northern Russia, by the Russian Red Army.

Mordechai, his family and other Lithuanians who were considered as enemies of the Russian government were taken ...