Derick Brumer

Derick Brumer

Documentary Film / Defying Medical Odds

"Derick Brumer"

Derick Brumer was involved in a motorbike accident in his late teens which left him in a coma in hospital for nearly 6 months.

He sustained a serious brain injury during the accident and the doctors gave him a 5% chance of survival the first night in hospital. He remained in hospital, in a coma, for nearly 5 and a half months after the accident.

Derick regained consciousness at home about 6 months after his accident. Driven by his resilient spirit, a mother who would not give up, and influenced by his father's survival as a Polish prisoner of war in Auschwitz, he made what seemed to be the impossible, possible.

Derick Brumer learned to move, walk, talk and write again and started a journey along the road to a remarkable new life that he carved around the "disability" which he now had to come to terms with, and live with.

Academically Derick achieved incredible results. He not only completed matric but fought his way through obtaining a BA degree, and two other tertiary qualifications, which includes the Victor Frankel course in Logotherapy.

Today, Derick engages with people to create awareness about the impact that an acquired brain injury has on a person, as well as those connected to someone who acquires a brain injury. He also accepts speaking opportunities to share his inspirational story and is a most inspiring example of resilience to every person he reaches out to.

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