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Complete this form to enroll to be an Intern on the Experience Based Education Programme to work as part of the Junior Creative Professionals Production Team. The details on this enrollment will also be used to process your annual UWN membership enrollment.

Please note that due to certain public holidays and the annual shut-down, the period may sometimes take longer to complete than the specified number of months. The 2018 annual shut-down is 15 December 2018 to 13 January 2019.

Note that the date that you propose is subject to final approval. You will be informed if the date you have provided is not possible, in which case we will provide a suitable starting date.

By selecting the role above you declare that you are adequately skilled and qualified to function in this capacity. Also note that the position you select will be the primary role, but not the only role that you will fulfill. As member of the JCP Production Team you will be required to apply yourself in as many roles as possible and required that fall within your skills and abilities.

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