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At the heart of the #GETPeaceProject is to tell stories that have not yet been heard. Our aim is to capture these stories for the world to see in documentary films and to preserve them for posterity.

This is an invitation to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD by contacting us to tell us about your story.

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Take a look below at our recent film The Story Of Lina Amato.

The Story Of Lina Amato

We are proud to present the first documentary film which is released under the project about holocaust survivor, Lina Knator (Amato). Lina inspired the founding of the #GETPeaceProject.

Filmmaker, Johnathan Andrews, presents the true story of Lina Kantor (Amato), one of the few remaining survivors of the holocaust now residing in Cape Town, South Africa.


Attend The First Screening Of The Film

We are hosting the first screening of the film at 6pm, Saturday, 27 January 2018 in commemoration of International Holocaust Remembrance Day in collaboration with the Johannesburg International Mozart Festival, at the Space Frame - Linder Auditioium, Wits.



About The #GETPeaceProject

GET Peace is the acronym for a project to Get Earth Together.

We make films that make a difference, promotes peace and tolerance, and inspires positive change.

The #GETPeaceProject is a United World Nation campaign aimed at unifying people into citizens of earth. Fundamental principles at the core of the #GETPeaceProject: gender equality, no racial distinction, no wars, no violence, no oppression, no discrimination, no pollution, no hunger, no starvation, no corruption.

Create a united one world nation where: we live together in peace and harmony and mutual respect as citizens of earth; nature is our mother; technology is our today and our future; information is public domain; knowledge and wisdom are our teachers; superior healthcare and education is a right; and individuals’ talents are treasures.

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