Presenter Wanted

Are you an aspiring presenter, actor, actress, model?

Online TV Presenter Wanted for Film Crowdfunding Campaigns

Are you socially responsible and sensitive to local and international issues that affect us all?
Are you willing to create awareness about current social issues which affects our societies?

This is a unique opportunity to get noticed and build your portfolio and career. You also get to make a difference!

We are searching for a UWN #GETPeaceProject Presenter for our online TV Channel.
The presenter is featured in video productions, promos, awareness campaigns, documentary features and more.

This is your opportunity to apply by booking a screen test.

Book A Screen Test

You have the opportunity to book a screen test shoot.

If your application is approved, you are provided with a script to prepare for the screen test.

The screen test is to shoot a 60 second video insert to promote the #GETPeaceProject film projects.

Successful Screen Tests

If your screen test is successful and you are selected as a candidate for the presenter position, you are required to complete a short online training course.

The training programme provides an orientation about the UWN and #GETPeaceProject and prepares you for your next shoot.

Final Selection

After successful completion of the training programme, a second and final screen test is booked.

A script is provided and the 60 second segment is filmed.

If your screen test is one of the best, you will be selected as official UWN #GETPeaceProject Presenter.

About Being a UWN #GETPeaceProject Presenter

What does the UWN #GETPeaceProject Presented do?

As Presenter for the UWN #GETPeaceProject you will have your own segment on our online TV Channel hosted on YouTube.

The Presenter engages in promotions, campaigns, informative short documentary features, raises awareness of our film projects, and campaigns for pledges for the crowdfunding projects.

A shooting schedule will be discussed with a successful candidate - generally, the time requirement is to be available each week for a few hours to shoot the various segments.

Our first presenter will be active in Johannesburg and surrounds. You will therefore become a personality in the Johannesburg region!

Minimum Requirements

The basic minimum requirements are:

  • You need to be 18 years and older.
  • Excellent command of English (written and spoken).
  • Have active social media accounts:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
  • Have a smart phone and access to a laptop or desktop computer with internet access.
  • It will be a great advantage if you have your own transport.
Remuneration, Crowdfunding Campaigns and Commission
The Presenter will be eligible to receive performance based remuneration.
  • During The Phase After Successful Screen Test And Final Selection
    • If you are successful during your screen test you will be given the opportunity to join as a candidate presenter to engage in an 8 week training programme and this will prepare you for your final screen test..
    • The training programme includes an aspect where you are required to actively become involved in getting support for the new film projects and our crowdfunding campaigns. Note that the benefit available to candidate presenters (while they are busy completing the programme) is that they are eligible to earn commission on all the crowdfunding contributions that they generate, therefore, you can earn some cash from the very beginning.
    • The training programme leads you through the process of campaigning and getting crowdfunding support and gives you goals to achieve e.g. get 1 crowdfunding pledge for each campaign, get 10 new subscribers for the YouTube Channel, etc.

  • If Selected As Presenter
    • A package will be negotiated with the selected candidate and will be based on monthly earnings of between R5000 and R15000 for the first 6 months, this includes a commission average plus a fixed remuneration component. Details will be discussed with successful candidates.

Please note that throughout the period while you are a candidate presenter and if you are finally selected as presenter, you will be required to be pro-active and "go the extra mile" to get support and achieve funding objectives as active promoter of the film projects and their crowdfunding campaigns.
The Screen Test

To Apply

Complete the form below and submit a 10 second video introduction about yourself.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to come to the studio to shoot a 60 second screen test - you will be provided with a script to prepare for the screen test.

  • You will have up to 10 minutes to shoot the video segment.
  • There will be one camera to capture a head and shoulders shot - therefore, the wardrobe that you wear half body up is what will be in the shot.
  • Do your own makeup and hair styling.
  • Dress casual smart.
  • No teleprompter will be used, therefore you need to memorize the script.

Successful Screen Test

  • If your screen test meets minimum requirements, you will be selected to complete a short training programme to prepare you for your final screen test shoot to be eligible to become an official UWN #GETPeaceProject Presenter.
  • Your screen test may be selected to be featured on our online platforms.
  • You will be notified after the screen test if you were successful or not.
  • The short training programme that a successful screen test candidate is required to complete can be viewed HERE

Where will the screen test shoot take place?

  • The shoot will take place at the UWN office at 1 High Street, Moddercrest office Park, 13 Kestrel Place, Modderfontein.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the booking time as your shoot will start and end punctually according to the shooting schedule for the day.
United World Nation

About the UWN

The mission of the UWN (United World Nation) is to make films that make a difference, to promote peace and tolerance, to educate, and inspire positive change.

Our aim is furthermore to inspire the development of sustainable solutions for issues in societies that cause tension and conflict, uniting people and building a better and safer world.

We promote personal development and aim to inspire people's desire to achieve great goals and lead successful, fulfilling and meaningful lives.

About the #GETPeaceProject

GET Peace is the acronym for a project to Get Earth Together.

We make films that make a difference, promote peace and tolerance, and inspire positive change.

The #GETPeaceProject is a United World Nation film category.  How about existing as a united one world nation where: we live together in peace and harmony and mutual respect as citizens of earth; nature is our mother; technology is our today and our future; information is public domain; knowledge and wisdom are our teachers; superior healthcare and education is a right; and individuals’ talents are treasures.

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Screen Test Booking Application

Fields marked with an * are required

This can be a video clip that you film with your phone and DOES NOT have to be a professional video. It merely serves the purpose of giving us a sense of what your on-screen presence is.

Note that we reserve the right to reject or accept any application without having to provide any reasons for our decisions. We will be in contact with you within 1 business day to inform whether your Screen Test Booking Application was successful and to confirm your booking.

Please DO NOT submit video clips of longer than 10 seconds as this may disqualify your application.