The Story Of Lina Amato – Film Review By Wayne Newton

First and foremost Mr. Johnathan Andrews, THANK YOU for the opportunity you afforded me, as one of the very first people in history, privileged enough to watch this heart wrenching, yet exultant account of the unbelievable life of Ms. Lina Kantor Amato.

I take cognisance of the fact that my modest commentary will not do justice to the time, effort, and enthusiasm you have dedicated to recording these historical events, by using the medium of film making.

The film takes one on a roller coaster ride, from ideology to selfish laws, from peace to war, from carefree innocence to confusion; from toys to bomb shells; from pain to trauma; from sacrifice to adoption, from suffering to triumph, from death camps to freedom, from time constraints to liberty, from selfless actions to gratitude, and from heroism to immortality.

During the opening credits, I was overwhelmed by a sense of profound emotion, because of my own experiences of discrimination. Furthermore, I often ponder over which of the prejudices we human beings practise, like colour, creed, or class, to name a few, are worse than the other. These questions in turn completely captivated my eagerness and interest to watch this documentary.

I am humbled as I learn, how the actions of a few brave Souls, who were part of Ms. Amato’s and other Holocaust Survivors life’s more than 70 years ago, would steadfastly move through history, and presently resonate with me, as I am sure it will with others.

I will most certainly take a leaf from the books of these real life heroes, because, despite their personal tragedies, their unwavering bravery allowed them to not just stand tall against tyranny, but they took a stand for humanity. Their actions were driven by something more than fame, fortune, status, media exposure, or political favour, and will forever echo through eternity.

Mr. Wayne P. Newton
Member & COO
CDK Coaching Academy & Recruitment (Pty) Ltd