Zimbabwe To Change?


The man known as "The Crocodile" was sworn in as president at the Zimbabwean sports stadium on Friday.


JOHANNESBURG - While Zimbabwe’s new leader Emmerson Mnangagwa was only sworn in on Friday, he is not a new face in the country’s political landscape and history.

Mnangagwa served in several roles in Robert Mugabe’s government and fought by his side in the liberation struggle.

Before becoming president, Mnangagwa was fired from the position of vice president as divisions in the ruling party led to a military intervention dubbed: Operation Restore Legacy.

Mnangagwa is a qualified lawyer who served in various government positions, including that of minister of finance in 1995 and minister of defence until 2013.

The 75-year-old holds significant struggle credentials having served as Mugabe’s assistant and bodyguard in the fight against colonialism.

Mnangagwa also served as minister of state security under Zimbabwe democratic president Canaan Banana before serving in Mugabe’s cabinet.

He became vice president in 2014 before his unceremonious dismissal in November 2017. Eighteen days later, Mnangagwa is now the new president of Zimbabwe.

During his inauguration, at the national sports stadium in Harare, he called for peace and unity. He also paid tribute to Zimbabwe’s former leader Robert Mugabe.

The man known as "The Crocodile" outlined a broad vision for restoring economic and financial stability.

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